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These images were made with Generative AI tools like Photoshop, Dreamstudio AI, and Midjourney.


While some photographers worry about AI taking over, I see it as an opportunity to push our creative boundaries. It’s been fun and nurturing to explore language and writing through different styles, time periods, scenes and stories that live in my head, mimicking tools and techniques that I haven’t had access to use yet.


Using these AI tools has sparked curiosity as to when I first picked up a camera. Myself as an artist will be an ongoing experiment for me.


Just an artist utilizing technology to craft images that, in a weird and funny way, it seems like they came out from my own subconscious world.


Looking ahead, I envision a collaborative relationship with AI, not a competition nor replacement. 


It doesn’t understand feelings or have human perception, knowing its limitations can help us use it to make our own creative works better. 


To me, these tools have the potential to revolutionize various art forms, much like photography did. 

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